Jerd Carver wasn’t Captain of the star freighter Startrader. No, he was just a slum-bred cargo handler, until everyone aboard was killed except him. With the help of the ship’s Artificial Intelligence, he located the nearest known settled star, some ten light years away; thirty years away in normal space. There is, however a system just less than one light year away that might have an Earthlike planet. It does have one, and it also has a colony.

Stranded on Haven
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Welcome to the new and vastly improved williamzellmann.com. Please feel free to look around. This is the first entry in my new blog. I've never had a blog before, In fact, I'm pretty well Internet illiterate, even though I spend hours on my computer every day, many of them researching on the web. 

A Happy New Year to all, with a wish that you had a very merry Christmas!

Health care in the Philippines is very different than health care in the US. It runs the gamut from outstanding to abysmal.

Don't miss this action-packed sequel to "The Privateer!"

Ex-pirate Cale Rankin, his new bride and his partners are in the colonizing business. Since the fall of the Empire, hundreds of planets have lost contact with man-settled space, and thousands of people would like to escape current upheavals by relocating to them.

The Greeners, a community of prosperous "natural" farmers on Santiago, seek a home where they can enjoy a pastoral life.