Jerd Carver wasn’t Captain of the star freighter Startrader. No, he was just a slum-bred cargo handler, until everyone aboard was killed except him. With the help of the ship’s Artificial Intelligence, he located the nearest known settled star, some ten light years away; thirty years away in normal space. There is, however a system just less than one light year away that might have an Earthlike planet. It does have one, and it also has a colony.

Stranded on Haven
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Date Published: December 26, 2014

It’s been a long time since I updated this site, but it’s been a busy, exciting and frightening year. I was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer, which made it necessary for us to leave the Philippines and return to the US for prolonged medical treatment. Please don’t misunderstand; there are world-class hospitals in the Philippines. I had to come back because Medicare doesn’t work outside the US.

Date Published: December 4, 2013

It’s been far too long since I’ve updated this site, and I apologize. But I finally have news worthy of the effort. I have terminated my involvement with Amazon’s “Amazon Select” program, and I can once again also distribute my books through Smashwords.com. This means that if you need my books in .epub or some other format, they’re available, even on iBooks!
I have also updated all my books, and resubmitted them to both Amazon and Smashwords. So, if you’ve been putting off getting one of my books, or haven’t been able to find them in your format, now is the time!

Date Published: March 5, 2013

Don't miss this action-packed sequel to "The Privateer!"

Ex-pirate Cale Rankin, his new bride and his partners are in the colonizing business. Since the fall of the Empire, hundreds of planets have lost contact with man-settled space, and thousands of people would like to escape current upheavals by relocating to them.

The Greeners, a community of prosperous "natural" farmers on Santiago, seek a home where they can enjoy a pastoral life.

Date Published: January 15, 2013

Health care in the Philippines is very different than health care in the US. It runs the gamut from outstanding to abysmal.